Launch Party 2020: the winners

On November 14th 2020, Girls Can Code had its Launch Party. Check out what happened!

Girls Can Code is a non-profit, focused on supporting and encouraging girls to develop an interest in technology, through a series of real-life impact projects, themed workshops, coding clubs, leadership classes and camps.

Girls Can Code had over 40 participants during the Virtual Launch Party. Have you ever had the chance to interact with a Nao robot? During this Virtual Launch Party, the young girls had the chance and heard Nao talk about our volunteers and show off his dance moves!

Flavia, Kate, Simi, Lara, Erica, and Teodora hosted the event showing off different games and challenges, while also providing the activities in four different languages – English, German, French, and Italian. 

To give an introduction to programming, the Girls Can Code team had the participants help Sparky the Robot get to the Nutella by programming directions for him to go and showing a few True/ False facts about computers. Additionally, Girls Can Code had the honor of having Susanne Erkens-Reck speak at the event to inspire the young girls. Susanne is the General Manager of Roche for Austria. Before that, she was for more than 10 years the Head of Group Functions IT. 

Girls Can Code wanted to continue to engage the participants and think outside the box after the event so they created two contests: Name the Robot and Create a Robot Story Pitch. The best robot story pitch would be programmed on the Nao Robot and showed off to the world! The girls that submitted the Robot Story Pitches were full of creative and interesting storylines, making it hard to choose for the best story. The games with prizes included:  Naming the best robot, Best robot story pitch, Second place for the robot story pitch, and Most active participant by winning the Gimkit game.

Girls Can Code Game Winners:

  1. Julia Meister: Winner for the best robot name Sparky. Julia will receive the Logitech X-Boom.
  2. Selma Dürmuller: Winner of the best robot story pitch. Selma will receive the Oculus.
  3. Sofia Sacco: Second place for a nice robot story. She also made the effort to write the story in English. Sofia will receive a Logitech mouse.
  4. Lucy Patteson: Our the most active participant by winning the Gimkit game. Lucy will receive a Logitech keyboard & mouse. 

Girls Can Code would like to thank our sponsors during this event: 

  • Logitech for the keyboard, mouse, and X-Boom speaker prizes. 
  • Roche for the Oculus Rift prize.
  • Siradis for mailing healthy and sustainable snacks for all our participants.
  • Swisscom for the giveaway keychains.

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