Preparing the next generation of female leaders and tech entrepreneurs

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Inspire with technology! Clubs, workshops & tech boot camps designed to spark curiosity and support girls on their journey to becoming digitally proficient.

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TechTalks from industry professionals and soft skills coaching, to equip girls with the tools to not only understand, but lead the tech industry (pitching, strategising, design, marketing)

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Girls & women join forces to make a difference! Gain confidence & experience by applying your newly acquired digital skills to our real life Impact Projects. 

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Girls Can Code is for everyone – whether you are just curious about what’s behind the screen of your phone, interested in learning more about technology or looking for some help debugging your code!

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Get inspired! Join us to design your own app or program a game, and see if tech is for you...

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Learn a professional programming language and start your creative tech journey...

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Make a difference! Join one of our Impact Projects or let us help you with yours...

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A look into one woman’s job at Google: opening doors for other women. By Elisabeth Leoni Managing Editor, The Keyword

Sebastian Thrun, co-founder of Udacity, talks of his support and encouragement for Girls Can Code initiative and the importance of empowering more women to lead the tech sector.

GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING! Celebrating - Character, Intelligence, Strength, Purpose and Impact. Discover, Play & Party with technology...

Tech Labs

Coding for Beginners

Fundamentals of coding To prepare food, we need a recipe. A recipe is a set

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